Monday, November 27, 2006


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UPDATED: Concert Programmes

The Roundhouse booklet has been added to my Concert Programmes post:

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Endless Wire - The Suspense Is Over

Following on from my previous post on the 15 September:

"October couldn't come quickly enough for me; the gig at the Roundhouse on the 29th and then the release of the forthcoming album Endless Wire on the 31st.Wire & Glass had exceeded my expectations immensely. I really didn't know what to expect and when I downloaded the tracks off iTunes the number of listens in a week had surpassed Face Dances in four years.The songs I've heard so far from Endless Wire I'm predicting I'll feel as positive. Majority of opinions from Forums indicate the new material will be rated highly. I'm curious with the number of slow songs on the album - but that could be because Pete probably felt in the past he was not able to express himself that way with The Who - now he can. Just my opinion of course."

I have now listened to all the songs and can give a definitive opinion. It won't be comprehensive as others have written some great reviews.



Good opening. It takes a couple of listens but has a strong chorus.

Man In A Purple Dress


I wasn't sure after the first listen but now it's very enjoyable. I probably won't listen to it all the time but strong songwriting from Pete.

Mike Post Theme


One of my favourites. Classic Who since Who Are You. A real pleasure for years to come.

In The Ether


This has been criticised by some fans. I actually like it. An acquired taste but an emotional song that touches you.

Black Widows Eyes


My opinion keeps changing on this but now I enjoy listening to it. Not classic Who but certainly listenable.

Two Thousand Years


When I first heard this on ITA I was excited for a rocky version on the album. That hasn't happened but the song sticks in your head.

God Speaks Of Marty Robbins


I didn't like this after viewing the video on You Tube. Now I love it. Could have a backing orchestra but nevermind.

It's Not Enough


Sounds a bit "80's" but a great song with music written by Rachel Fuller.

You Stand By Me


Short & sweet

Wire & Glass

9/10 (Sound Round & Pick Up The Peace) (Endless Wire) (We Got A Hit & They Made My Dream Come True) (Mirror Door)

A piece that stands up with the back catalogue. Sound Round, Pick Up The Peace, Endless Wire & We've Got A Hit 10/10. They Made My Dream & Mirror Door 9/10. Unholy Trinity & Trilby's Piano 8/10 but I haven't listened to them as much.

Tea & Theatre


This is probably my least favourite but still can enjoy it when in that frame of mind.

We Got A Hit (Extended)


I prefer the mix of the shorter version but excellent song.

Endless Wire (Extended)


Love it, basically.

Overall I give the album 8 out of 10. You have to give it a few listens before making an opinion which I did and can safely say Pete Townshend has wrote some great songs here. I'm guessing it'll appear in my CD player more than It's Hard, Face Dances, Who Are You and possibly By Numbers. That's got to make it good. I'm glad they (meaning two) didn't die before they got old.