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Kentish Town Forum 25th March 2004

Now older and wiser, I had the responsibility to buy my own concert tickets. So far, not a good start. The Who announced a concert at the Royal Albert Hall for the Teenage Cancer Trust. On several occasions with the Who once the announcement is made, the tickets go on sale the next day. So after hearing about the show, I went straight onto the web to purchase tickets – only to find they’d already sold out!

Desperate to see the gig (as it was rumoured they’d be performing the whole of Tommy) I coughed up £140 for restricted view seats from Ebay that at face value were around £50.

The same occurred for the three warm-up shows at the Kentish Town Forum, but with the amount of money I spent I was happy to see them just the once.

The first two shows went down a storm and after reading numerous positive reviews and thinking there weren’t going to be many opportunities to see the guys at a small venue, I purchased one ticket from EBay for the 3rd show at the last minute – not spending more than face value!

The ticket was for seats in the upper tier but ended up standing at the front of the tier with a good view of the stage.

Set List

Who Are You (8/10 First time hearing this as an opener, but I prefer it later in the set)

I Can't Explain (9/10 Better as an opener)

Substitute (8/10)

Anyway Anyhow Anywhere (9/10 Really went for power on this one)

Another Tricky Day (8/10 One of the better tracks from Face Dances)

Bargain (9/10 I’m repeating myself here but I always enjoy this track live and they seem to do brilliantly every time)

Baba O'Riley (9/10 Crowd favourite as always. Which is understandable)

Behind Blue Eyes (8/10 Great song but wouldn’t be too disappointed if they dropped it)

5:15 (9/10 Missed John’s bass solo, but Pete does a great guitar one)

Sea And Sand (9/10 First time hearing this live, great track)

Love Reign O'er Me (9/10 Love this song)

Eminence Front (9/10 Not always fantastic live, but I enjoyed it on this night)

You Better You Bet (9/10 Liked Simon’s backing vocals)

Won't Get Fooled Again (9/10)

My Generation (9/10)

Not a bad venue but the set was slightly shorter due to Roger wanting to rest his voice for the next show. I was slightly disappointed but looking forward to the RAH gig. It was also the first time I saw Pino with the band. As he was still low in the mix, couldn’t really form an opinion. Since then I believe he was the best person to come after John. (Never replacing him)

The Who - Bargain Live 2004
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