Friday, September 15, 2006

Endless Wire: The Suspense Is Killing Me

October couldn't come quickly enough for me; the gig at the Roundhouse on the 29th and then the release of the forthcoming album Endless Wire on the 31st.

Wire & Glass had exceeded my expectations immensely. I really didn't know what to expect and when I downloaded the tracks off iTunes the number of listens in a week had surpassed Face Dances in four years.

The songs I've heard so far from Endless Wire I'm predicting I'll feel as positive. Majority of opinions from Forums indicate the new material will be rated highly. I'm curious with the number of slow songs on the album - but that could be because Pete probably felt in the past he was not able to express himself that way with The Who - now he can. Just my opinion of course.

Of the songs I've heard so far:

Man In A Purple Dress

Has taken a few listens but it's grown on me.

Mike Post Theme

Love it love it

In The Ether

I really like this song. On the demo version I'm not keen on his voice but the version on You Tube is great.

Two Thousand Years

Bloody brilliant. Can't wait for the album version

God Speaks of Marty Robbins

Nice though I prefer Uncertain Girl which won't be on the album.

It's Not Enough

Just listened to it for the second time. Opinions have been mixed on this song, I think its great but different style to the other songs. Pete's guitar work is fantastic.

You Stand By Me

Really liked this. You can download the version from ITA in my downloads section. I presume the track will be longer on the album.

Wire & Glass

The longer versions are gonna be brilliant. Two of the You Tube links are videos I've posted from Leeds & Brighton. As the US tour progresses the performance will get tighter.

As with the rest of the tracks on Wire & Glass, I love every song.

Tea & Theatre

This will either be a love it or hate it amongst Who fans. I'm not too sure at the moment.

I'll give a more in-depth review once the CD comes out. I'm optimistic so far!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

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I've updated my Downloads Section.


Sunday, September 03, 2006

Video Section UPDATED

I've updated my Video Section, having added more videos to You Tube. Enjoy!


Watford - 31st January 2002

I’d already got my tickets for the RAH show (review to follow) but after the announcement that the Who would be performing at the Watford Coliseum; I had to go!

Thankfully, even though I was dragging my parents to the Royal Albert Hall gig, they agreed to accompany me again. (And purchase the tickets of course; I was a poor student) Father yet again got through to the box office after redialling thousands of times. (He’s good at that)

Watford is virtually only a few miles from Luton, so we got there in plenty of time and were seated for the support act. I can’t remember what band it was but wasn’t exactly impressed.

The seats were located in the upper tier of a relatively small venue - the ground floor was all standing. If we used our initiative we could have attempted to stand but the view was good and the sound decent.

Here's the Set List:

I Can't Explain (9/10)
Substitute (9/10)
Anyway, Anyhow Anywhere (10/10)
I Don't Know Myself (9/10)
Amazing Journey (10/10 First time I heard this live and Tommy being my favourite album I couldn't have been happier)
Sparks (10/10)
Pinball Wizard (9/10)
I'm Free (10/10 Love this song, wish they played it live now)
My Wife (9/10)
Who Are You (10/10 Always brilliant)
Getting In Tune (9/10 Great stuff)
Behind Blue Eyes (9/10)
Drowned (9/10)
Baba O' Riley (10/10 Always will be popular)
The Real Me (10/10 One of my faves from Quadrophenia)
You Better You Bet (9/10)
5:15 (10/10 Good old Johnny Twinkle delivers again)
Won't Get Fooled Again (10/10 Great as always)
The Kids Are Alright (9/10 I think it was the long version again)
Baby Don't You Do It (10/10 Wow can't believe what I'm hearing!)
My Generation (10/10 Back to the usual)
Summertime Blues (10/10 Another old live track brought back years later! John Entwistle said some different lyrics for his vocal part. I won’t tell you what they were but it was rude and quite hilarious)
Young Man Blues (10/10 A fantastic surprise to end the set)

Judging by the marks I’ve given for each performance; this was one of the best shows I’ve been to. The performance was exhilarating and with the most varied set list.