Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Who At T In The Park

From reading other people’s views on the gig, it seems a bit negative. I personally thought it was brilliant, and out of the nine times I’ve seen them since 1999, this was one of the best. This may be due to me being in the 2nd row, (Something not achieved since Shepherds Bush Empire) but they were really up for this one.

Got to the main stage when Hard Fi were on, where there was a bizarre queuing system to get near the stage. I suppose it was for safety reasons.

Artic Monkeys
Don’t understand the hype of this band. The same could be said for a lot of British bands. (I.e. Dirty Pretty Things, Baby Shambles, Razorlight) The style and the songs, all sound the same. Situated towards the left of the stage, the amplification from the bass drum was far too loud, hardly hearing the vocals or the guitars.


The sound was a bit better, but bass drum still too loud. They were ok, but their songs don’t exactly get me excited.

The Who

After The Strokes finished, I was hoping all the young people in front would leave so that a front row place was accomplished. Not many of them moved.
The lads came on to a great reception. Live 8 and CSI have done wonders to revitalise their career – and no problems with the sound.
Same set list as Hyde Park but without Bargain, Drowned and The Kids Are Alright.
Pete was really up for this one, and the boys gave a blistering set. I couldn’t see any problems with Roger’s voice – I guess being so near the front you don’t notice these things. I thought the scream in Won’t Get Fooled Again was the best he’d done in ages.
Favourites: Seeker, AAA, Mike Post and Tommy set.
Not much more I can say. The festival all round was excellent. Really hope they do more UK dates soon. Maybe after the US tour?

Here's the full set list:

Can't Explain (9/10)
The Seeker (8/10 great though I wish they didn't cut out one of the solos)
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere (10/10 Awesome as always)
Who Are You (10/10 Quite amusing hearing Scottish people sing the chorus)
Mike Post Theme (10/10 Looking forward to hearing this on the album)
Behind Blue Eyes (9/10)
Real Good Looking Boy (8/10 See Hyde Park review)
Baba O' Riley (10/10 Always gets the crowd going)
Love Reign O'er Me (9/10 Hyde Park slightly better but only just)
My Generation (10/10 Always going to be popular)
Won't Get Fooled Again (10/10 Absolutely awesome)
Substitute (10/10 Great)
Pinball Wizard (10/10)
Amazing Journey (10/10 As Tommy is my favourite album I will always enjoy this encore)
Sparks (10/10)
See Me Feel Me (10/10)