Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Concert Programmes

Here's some scanned pictures of all the Who (or related) concert programmes I've collected so far. Unfortunately, my scanner wasn't big enough for certain ones so some aren't the full cover.

Lifehouse: Pete Townshend

Nice little programme with an article about the Lifehouse project from the beginning and a brief history on Pete Townshend's career.

From The Bush To The World

Best programme I've seen so far. As well as a nice collection of photos it has written articles on the bands history and shows various different Single record covers from around the World.

Teenage Cancer Trust 05/02/2002 - 09/02/2002

Quite a large programme (in length) giving details on all the bands that were appearing

Teenage Cancer Trust 2004

A better presented programme giving details on all the bands that were appearing

Isle of Wight Festival 2004

Nicely presented with articles on all bands playing at the festival

The Who 2006 Convention

Fantastic programme on the convention.

2006 European Tour

Great collection of pictures but only one article by Pete Townshend

T In The Park 2006

Small sized detailed programme about the festival and the line-ups.

Roundhouse 2006

Given out free at the venue with details of all the groups that performed for the Electric Proms.

Royal Albert Hall 2007

This programme was given out free. Details of all the bands that featured at the Albert Hall.