Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Who At Hyde Park 2006

Two years since the Isle of Wight festival, and well worth the wait. Met up with Paul (Who I've been trading with for years) and his girlfriend Zara. It was great to watch the band with someone who has as much passion for the band as I have. Paul also had a free VIP pass :)

Saw Rose Hill Drive - who were quite good though the songs didn't really grab me - and part of Ocean Colour Scene's set.We got into the VIP area with its nice toilets and lounge area. In the lounge I saw Billy Nicholls and Ross Halfin. Also met Pino and his family. Shook his hand, really nice bloke. And tall. Later on we saw the Casbah Club who are good as always on the second stage. Got back to the VIP area, who was standing there: Roger Daltrey. Couldn't believe it. I had to be pushed into getting the picture taken - thank you Zara. (Below is the image, me to the right of Roger, Zara to the left.)

When the Who started on the main stage, despite being a few feet from the front, they had large screens and a great sound system. Fantastic. I particularly liked Bargain – very powerful! I was hoping to hear the mini opera, but I can understand Pete dropping it for the bigger shows. Mike Post was great though. The Kids Are Alright was quite amusing with Pete & Roger getting the words mixed up. All in all the performance was excellent. Wished I’d gone to the earlier shows, once you see them the addiction comes in and you have to see more. Why towns so far away?!!

Here's the set list:

I Can't Explain (10/10)
The Seeker (9/10 Really enjoyed this though they cut off one of the solos)
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere (10/10 Always enjoyed live)
Who Are You (9/10 Very well known thanks to Live 8 and CSI)
Bargain (10/10 Awesome)
Behind Blue Eyes (9/10)
Real Good Looking Boy (8/10 They seem to be playing this at a slower pace, not one of my favourites live)
Drowned (9/10)
Mike Post Theme (10/10 First time I've heard this live, brilliant. I feel this version is a bit faster than the recent performances)
Baba O'Riley (9/10)
Love Reign O'er Me (10/10 One of my favourites from Quadrophenia)
The Kids Are Alright (8/10 As mentioned above Roger & Pete were getting the words mixed up)
My Generation (10/10)
Won't Get Fooled Again (9/10)
Substitute (10/10)
Pinball Wizard (9/10)
Amazing Journey (10/10)
Sparks (10/10)
See Me Feel Me (10/10)