Saturday, October 27, 2007

60's CDs

Last updated 26/04/2008



Ø The High Numbers Live 1964 (First 11 tracks are the Railway Hotel performance, the rest are Studio recordings from late 1964 that are all instrumentals B+)
Ø Orphans Volume 1, 2 & 3 (When this collection was first in circulation it would have been a must have for any fan. Tracklisting features alternative takes, different mixes, B-sides and live performances. Since then a lot of them have surfaced on remasters etc. It's still a great set. A)
Ø High Numbered (Tracks recorded for the BBC early on in the Who's career, mostly live soundboard, A)
Ø My Generation (Original English Album plus bonus tracks, I'd recommend the remastered My Generation over this, but then again this bootleg has the guitar overdubs, where as the remaster doesn't. Studio, A)
Ø A Stereo Quick One (Stereo version of a Quick One, better sound than even the remastered Quick One. Studio, A)
Ø Dallas 23/07/1967 (Listenable audience considering the year recorded. Recommended B)

Ø Rochester 30/08/1967 (The person who recorded this was obviously nearer the stage so the sound is louder but more distorted B-)
Ø Fillmore East 1968 (Great classic bootleg, Soundboard A+)
Ø Jaguar Club 10/08/1968 (Audience recording, not very clear but ok for that time. Young Man Blues sounds a bit more jazzy, and must have the longest version of Magic Bus, worth having for that alone. B-)

Ø The Tommy Demos (Pete's demos of all the Tommy songs, well worth having A)
Ø Woodstock 1969 (Must have, A+)

Ø Electric Factory 1969 (Shorter version of the Philadelphia concert 1969, very good A+)

Marquee Programme

When I was 16 I had a website similar to this, it was hosted on a site similar to Facebook. Unfortunately the facility for members to have their own pages got closed down.

Through the site I got taking to a guy who use to see the Who in the 60's. He emailed me a few pictures he kept as souvenirs, including the one below. The other one was of them with their signatures. (Interesting because John Entwistle was calling himself John Brown?) Stupidly, I accidently deleted it. Managed to keep this one though.

I've forgotten the guys name but still appreciate what he sent me.

UPDATE: 08/11/ After watching The Amazing Journey DVD now I know why John Entwistle called himself John Brown.

Damn it why didn't I keep the scanned photograph!

Monday, October 15, 2007

You Tube

A few months ago I decided to open a new You Tube account and add the odd video here and there. Although it isn't the site it use to be and won't be as comprehensive as my Dailymotion page, it's still the most popular and can give more exposure to my blog and my other videos.

UPDATE: No sooner do I post this message that they delete my account again. Lol.

Now I wonder if I can get other people's accounts deleted, especially ones where videos were downloaded off me!