Monday, October 30, 2006

Roundhouse 29th October 2006

UPDATE: 04/11 Finally able to upload the ticket! Why does blogger do that!
Well it couldn’t have started out any better. As I approached the venue, Billy Nicholls, Pino and Simon T all walked passed me! I tried to grab Pino’s attention but to no avail – Billy smiled at me though. I wonder if I’ll ever have the chance to talk to Simon.
The Roundhouse is very impressive; modern and very spacious. The Fratellis were supporting; playing a version of The Seeker to get the crowd going.

My tactic to get near the stage is to go from the side and ended up with a good position few rows back on Pete’s side. After what felt like a lifetime the boys appeared at Nine and headed straight into I Can’t Explain.
Set List:

I Can't Explain

(9/10 My enjoyment was slightly spoiled by people pushing and having red wine spilt on me. Cheers for that! My good position turned into OK)

The Seeker

(9/10 Now settled I could enjoy the show)

Who Are You

(10/10 Brilliant)


(9/10 I enjoyed this, I think I’ll grow to love the songs on Endless Wire which I wasn’t sure about)
Wire & Glass

- Sound Round - Pick Up The Peace - Endless Wire - We've Got A Hit- They've Made My Dreams Come True- Mirror Door

(9/10 So much tighter than earlier performances from Brighton & Leeds)

Baba O'Riley

(10/10 This was the best live version I’ve ever heard! They were just so up for it. The woman screaming behind me just shows how exciting this band really is)

My Generation
(10/10 Fantastic great jam at the end)

Man In A Purple Dress

(8/10 Shame people have to start chatting during the song)

Mike Post Theme

(10/10 One of my favourites from EW, this was close to the recorded version which is more rocky than previous live versions)

Pinball Wizard

Amazing Journey
(10/10 Brilliant the whole Tommy portion was great)


See Me, Feel Me
(10/10 Best version I’ve ever heard again)

Tea and Theatre
(9/10 Great)

The difficulty purchasing the ticket for the show I concluded that the venue would be filled by mostly hard-core fans. To my surprise I overheard people saying this was their first show and the new material was received well but with no familiarity.

There was no encore which was a slight disappointment but I guessed they had to finish at a certain time. Roger was on fine form and especially Zak. Pete seemed to be really up for it and that is important to whether it’s a great show or not. I witnessed yet another fantastic show.