Thursday, June 28, 2007

What A Week!

And It Ain't Finished Yet!


Went to Hyde Park Calling festival with a friend, got home at 1 am.


Went to Wembley and met with up with some friends afterwards. Amazing show! They had a spare ticket for Wednesday and asked me if I wanted to go. How could I refuse?? Got home at 1 am.


At Wembley again. Another great show! Performance wise Tuesday was slightly better. Got back at 1 am.


Will be in Dublin!

Reviews will be written at the weekend after I've recuperated!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

John Entwistle - Rigor Mortis Sets In

Featured Album: John Entwistle - Rigor Mortis Sets In

After his first two albums: Smash Your Head Against The Wall and Whistle Rymes - John Entwistle was devoid of ideas for his next offering. Consequently; it became a Rock 'N' Roll album with covers and his own compositions.

Reviews from Amazon:

"John Entwistle must have had a ton of material backlogged as a member of the Who in the late 1960s/early 1970s, as evidenced by the appearance of three solo albums in three years (SMASH YOUR HEAD AGAINST THE WALL, WHISTLE RHYMES, and RIGOR MORTIS SETS IN). As the latter title suggests, Entwistle's fascination with the macabre still served as the basis for much of his work. Comparable to his first two solo releases, RIGOR MORTIS SETS IN is not unlike his few compositions that graced The Who's records around this time. The difference here is a heavier and darker edge. Standouts include a remake of his classic "My Wife" (which is one of the gems on The Who's classic WHO'S NEXT), as well as the straight forward "Gimme That Rock N' Roll"."

"This album covers or spoofs many of the great rock and roll songs. Many of the lyrics make statements about the "rock and roll" lifestyle and how it affects some of the artists; some of the lyrics are quite dark, wrapped up in a warm and cuddly rock and roll style. There is however a marvellous version of Mr Bassman and the album is worth it for this alone."

"This is John Entwistle's rock 'n' roll album. The songs are, for want of a better word, parodies of early rock 'n' roll with several covers, a' la "Hound Dog", with a kind of authentic 50's recording sound. The album was made under a party atmosphere (a member of the Who in party mode, surely not!). JE was quoted as saying the bar bill was higher than the studio bill!The album was so called because JE thought 'Rigor Mortis' had set into rock 'n' roll. He had a great sense of humour - check out 'Roller Skate Kate' & 'Peg Leg Peggy'. Don't be fooled by the coffin lid cover, this album is FUN!"


Gimme That Rock 'N' Roll (8/10)
Mr.Bassman(9/10 Great version)
Do The Dangle (8/10)
Hound Dog (7/10)
Made In Japan (7/10)
My Wife (8/10)
Roller Skate Kate (7/10)
Peg Leg Peggy (10/10)
Lucille (7/10)
Big Black Cadillac (8/10)

John wrote some great songs for the Who, but its worth checking out his solo back catalogue.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Featured Bootleg

The Who Live At The Roundhouse 29th October 2006 DVD

Not part of the encore series; this is one of the best performances of this tour and it is available to download at:

Track Listing:

01 - Introduction
02 - I Can't Explain
03 - The Seeker
04 - Who Are You
05 - Fragments
06 - Sound Round
07 - Pick Up The Peace
08 - Endless Wire
09 - We've Got A Hit
10 - They Made My Dreams Come True
11 - Mirror Door
12 - Baba O'Riley
13 - My Generation
14 - Mike Post's Theme
15 - Pinball Wizard
16 - Amazing Journey
17 - Sparks
18 - See Me Feel Me
19 - Tea & Theatre

Put together combining the BBCi webcast, BBC one sessions programme and radio broadcast from Radio 2 – and done so professionally.

Also features:

Parkinson October 2006
Letterman September 2006
Front Row October 2006 (Radio 4)
Roundhouse Interview (BBC Webcast)

9/10 Superb DVD