Sunday, September 03, 2006

Watford - 31st January 2002

I’d already got my tickets for the RAH show (review to follow) but after the announcement that the Who would be performing at the Watford Coliseum; I had to go!

Thankfully, even though I was dragging my parents to the Royal Albert Hall gig, they agreed to accompany me again. (And purchase the tickets of course; I was a poor student) Father yet again got through to the box office after redialling thousands of times. (He’s good at that)

Watford is virtually only a few miles from Luton, so we got there in plenty of time and were seated for the support act. I can’t remember what band it was but wasn’t exactly impressed.

The seats were located in the upper tier of a relatively small venue - the ground floor was all standing. If we used our initiative we could have attempted to stand but the view was good and the sound decent.

Here's the Set List:

I Can't Explain (9/10)
Substitute (9/10)
Anyway, Anyhow Anywhere (10/10)
I Don't Know Myself (9/10)
Amazing Journey (10/10 First time I heard this live and Tommy being my favourite album I couldn't have been happier)
Sparks (10/10)
Pinball Wizard (9/10)
I'm Free (10/10 Love this song, wish they played it live now)
My Wife (9/10)
Who Are You (10/10 Always brilliant)
Getting In Tune (9/10 Great stuff)
Behind Blue Eyes (9/10)
Drowned (9/10)
Baba O' Riley (10/10 Always will be popular)
The Real Me (10/10 One of my faves from Quadrophenia)
You Better You Bet (9/10)
5:15 (10/10 Good old Johnny Twinkle delivers again)
Won't Get Fooled Again (10/10 Great as always)
The Kids Are Alright (9/10 I think it was the long version again)
Baby Don't You Do It (10/10 Wow can't believe what I'm hearing!)
My Generation (10/10 Back to the usual)
Summertime Blues (10/10 Another old live track brought back years later! John Entwistle said some different lyrics for his vocal part. I won’t tell you what they were but it was rude and quite hilarious)
Young Man Blues (10/10 A fantastic surprise to end the set)

Judging by the marks I’ve given for each performance; this was one of the best shows I’ve been to. The performance was exhilarating and with the most varied set list.