Sunday, July 01, 2007

Wembley 26th June

Having not seen The Who at Wembley Arena since the 2000 tour: I was looking forward to this one!

Travelling on the train straight after work, I got to the arena at 7:45. It was surprising the Charlatans had already started their set.

My seat was in block A3 – excellent tickets again due to purchasing them early through the Who tour Fan Club.

The boys came on at 8:45 and some fans ventured towards the front. (Including myself) A similar situation happened in Birmingham with no trouble. Unfortunately once Really Good Looking Boy started the stewards told everyone to go back to their seats.

After the Glastonbury performance, confidence was high and energy phenomenon.

What a show it was.

Set List

I Can't Explain (9/10
The Seeker (9/10 It became evident how up for it the band were; especially Pete. He is the deciding factor whether a show is good, or fantastic.)
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere (9/10 Nice to hear this again)
Fragments (8/10)
Who Are You (10/10 It’s played all the time yes, but cracking!)
Behind Blue Eyes (8/10)
Real Good Looking Boy (7/10 Where the stewards told us to move. To be honest this isn’t one of my favourite songs live)
Wire & Glass (9/10 Was glad they included this in the set)
Baba O'Riley (10/10 The crowd went mental after this song finished)
Drowned (9/10 Excellent acoustic performance)
A Man In A Purple Dress (8/10)
The Real Me (10/10 Absolutely brilliant is all I can say)
You Better You Bet (9/10 A song you love or hate, but enjoyable all the same)
My Generation/Cry If You Want (9/10)
Won't Get Fooled Again (10/10 The energy was pulsating at this point)
The Kids Are Alright (9/10 Great and glad it’s the shorter version)
Pinball Wizard (9/10)
Amazing Journey
See Me Feel Me (10/10 Like I’ve said before the Tommy encore is brilliant but they’ve been doing it for two years now)
Tea And Theatre (9/10 Emotional)

There was great banter from Pete about having to top Shirley Bassey at Glastonbury and tampering with her helicopter but the result not going as they planned.

This was one of the best shows I’d seen in a while and what a great pleasure this tour has been.

Afterwards I met up with some friends who said they had a spare ticket for Wednesday night and asked if I wanted to come. I wasn’t planning on attending but it didn’t take much persuasion. It isn’t as if I have a lot of opportunities to do this.

So, 1 am I arrive home. The next day, it was to start all over again